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Ssemco Technologies is a Utah based company that is changing the way we use the web. In the past, anything beyond a simple website required a large financial investment and resources that only a well-established company could provide. As the cloud becomes more and more a part of our world, individuals are brainstorming wonderful and creative ways to build new tools and concepts that will shape our future.

Ssemco Technologies started when a freelance software developer was approached by several individuals with some creative and innovative ideas for projects they wanted to build on the web. These were college students and single moms with great ideas and limited resources. We knew there had to be a way to make these ideas and others from simple individuals available to everyone.

UI / UX Design

Mobile Application

Custom Websites

Software Development

Our work force specializes in all aspects of software development from concept to completion. Our diverse team is comprised of Specialist from the fields of computer science, web development, software engineering, and information technology. This variety enables our services to be simultaneously vast in theory and specific in application.

Through creative use of our resources and by streamlining the development process Ssemco Technologies has been able to make.